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SoundEar - Noise Warning Sign

The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign helps to create a quiet environment for hospital patients. It is a great reminder to staff, visitors and patients to keep the noise levels down.

  • Very attractive design
  • Adjustable warning level from 40 to 115 dB(A) in 5dB steps
  • Yellow warning lights come on 5 dB before the limit is reached
  • Red light flashes when the limit is exceeded
  • Wall mounted in corridors, rooms and by nurses' stations
  • Simple and quick to install and set up
hospital noise warning sign
SoundEar - Noise Warning Sign

For use in hospitals and medical centers, the SoundEar presents a clear and unmistakable warning as soon as the noise exceeds the user selected limit. The sign mounts on the wall and takes its power from the adapter that is included.

warning sign noise limit
Adjustable Trigger Level

The Noise Limit

The noise limit is selectable to suit the function of the room. It can be set in 5 dB steps to a level between 40 and 115 dB(A) using the control on the back.

The yellow lights come on just before the limit is reached. As soon as the limit is exceeded the red center lights up and flashes.

For most hospital and medical center applications, the level will be set to between 50 and 65 dB, depending on the type of room being monitored.


Where SoundEar Helps

The SoundEar Noise Warning Sign can help where people need to be reminded to keep their noise levels down. For example, in hospitals the noise comes from patients, staff and of course from visitors. The presence of the sign is usually enough to remind people that noise is an issue. The yellow and red lights are for those who forget or who are unable to judge what "too loud" is.

The types of noise that will usually trigger the SoundEar are:

  • Loud voices, shouting, whistling
  • Hospital equipment carts, especially if badly maintained
  • Banging doors
  • Loud music or televisions

Usually the biggest problem is loud voices. A reminder from a sign is better than from another person as it takes away the human perception of noise (maybe the complainer is being a little over sensitive) and also removes the embarrassment from the complainer and from the noisy person.

logging noise sign manual SoundEar Datasheet (PDF 566k)


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