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Noise in Hospitals and Medical Centers

Too much noise in a hospital or medical center causes patient discomfort and can result in longer recovery times. The noise usually comes from visitors, staff, patients and from the movement of equipment.

The Noise Warning Signs take the strain out of reminding people to keep the noise levels down. The green lights are on all the time, just as a reminder.

The hand held Noise Meter can be used to assess the noise levels within the hospital or medical center, and can also be useful when setting up the Noise Signs.

Some Opinions

Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well.
Florence Nightingale, 1859.

The maximum sound level recommended for hospitals is 45 dB during the day and 35 dB at night
Environmental Protection Agency.

We love it. Itís a great reminder for staff when itís getting too noisy.
Mike Rhodes, Crittenton Hospital, Michigan.

News from NoiseMeters
Sep 2014 NANN Conference NoiseMeters partners with SoundEar in Phoenix for the National Association of Neonatal Nurses conference.
Aug 2012 SoundEar II Noise Sign The new SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign is now available from stock. Similar to the existing SoundEar, the new version is even better looking.
Jan 2009 Sue Upp joins the Team With experience of working closely with hospitals and medical centers, Sue brings great enthusiasm to dealing with related noise problems.
Dec 2008 Meter & Sign Packages We now offer packages that include a quantity of noise warning signs at a discounted price. These also include a free hand-held sound level meter.
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