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Data Logging Noise Sign

With the optional Data Logging Module (order code SE2LOGGER) installed, the SoundEar still gives an instant indication of excessive noise levels. However, it also stores the average noise levels to help you check for long-term improvements and compliance with "quiet periods".

  • All the features of the standard noise warning sign
  • Data Logging Plug-in Module
  • SoundLog Software included
  • Stores the average sound level every minute
  • Operates from 18dB below to 30dB above the preset threshold

This data logging module offers the advantage of unattended monitoring for unexpected high noise levels and to identify the noisier times of the day.

data logging noise sign
Data Logging Noise Sign
noise data logger

Using the Data Logging Plug-in

The noise warning sign is mounted on the wall and connected to the mains power supply using the small adapter supplied. The Logger plug-in is connected to the bottom of the sign and the power applied.

data logging moduleThe logger will store the average noise level every minute for up to four weeks.

To download the data to a PC, first switch off the sign's power. Take the logging module off the sign and connect it to a computer's USB port


SoundLog Software

The SoundLog software, which is included in the price, is easy to use and leads you through the download of data from the logging plug-in for storage on your hard disk.

Once downloaded the measurements can be displayed graphically and printed for later reference.

software graphs
logging noise sign manual SoundEar Datasheet (PDF 566k)


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