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Hospital Noise Control

Noise control products to provide a better patient experience in hospitals and medical centers. Useful measures can be put in place to help reduce the noise levels, but the presence of a Noise Warning Sign or Noise Meter can make a great deal of difference to the behavior of visitors, staff and even the patients.

noise warning sign SoundEar II - Noise Warning Sign
Mounted in hospital rooms and corridors, the noise warning sign reminds staff, visitors and patients to keep the noise down with an instant indication of high levels.
data logging noise sign SoundEar II Logger - Data Logging Module
A plug-in module for the SoundEar II that stores the sound level for download to a computer. Includes the SoundLog software but does not include the SoundEar II sign (see above).
noise meter Noise Meter
A hand-held meter for making quick noise assessments on hospital wards and in medical centers. Also useful when setting up the noise warning signs.
noise control packages Packages with Noise Warning Signs and a Noise Meter
Packs containing a quantity of signs along with a Noise Meter at a discounted price. Ideal for hospitals and medical centers with a number of areas to cover.
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