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August 2012 - New SoundEar II Noise Warning Sign

new noise warning signThe new SoundEar II Hospital Noise Warning Sign is now available for delivery. The design and operation are similar to the original SoundEar, but with a much cleaner and more modern finish. The front of the sign is entirely gloss black, with the very recognizable "ear" showing green - to remind people even before they have made any noise.

When the sound levels are getting high, first the yellow lights come on and finally the red light in the center.

A nice feature of the new version of the sign is that they are all capable of taking the new data logging module. If you are not sure whether you need data logging then you can buy the sign first and the logger later on. It also means you have have just one or two loggers and move them between signs, giving the ability to monitor all locations without having to buy lots of logging modules.


For more details please visit the Hospital Noise Sign web pages.


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