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Positioning the Noise Signs

nurses station
Nurses Station

The location of the noise signs depends on what you are trying to achieve. The most important function of the noise sign is to remind people to keep the noise levels down - dealing with the problem before it happens. In an ideal situation the red lights never come on.

Mounting noise signs in corridors, just outside sensitive areas and close to the nurses station is a great way to remind staff and arriving visitors about the noise issues. Signs in these areas also helps to remind anybody moving equipment around.

For more detailed control, one or more signs mounted inside rooms (see below for How Many Signs) will give an even stronger message to visitors and the patients themselves. The message to the patient can be a mixture of "keep your noise down" and at the same time letting them know that you really do care about their exposure to noise while recovering.

How Many Signs? What Area is Covered?

This is the most difficult question to answer as it depends on how bad your noise problem is, the layout of the building, the size of the rooms and the acoustics of each room. Here is our recommendation for different situations:

Situation Our Suggestion
Gentle Reminder. Noise is an issue, but not horrendous. You just want to remind staff and visitors to keep the noise levels down to an acceptable level. Two or three Noise Signs (order code SE2EAR) dotted around each general area, maybe one by the nurses station and one on the entrance to the area. Positioned so that everybody sees the sign, but detailed monitoring is not needed.
Firm Reminder. Noise is becoming more of an issue, not at serious levels, but everybody needs reminding about the issue. Noise Signs (order code SE2EAR) in the entrance to the area, by nurses stations and on the entrance to each room. Signs inside patient rooms where noise is a problem.
Remind and Monitor. Noise not too serious, but you want to occasionally monitor the levels to check for improvements. Noise signs in the usual areas (as above) and one Logging Module (order code SE2LOGGER). The logging module can be swapped around between the signs, monitoring one location at a time and storing the results.
More Serious Noise Problem. Either you have a noise problem, or you consider any noise in your medical center to have a negative impact on patients. Noise warning signs in the entrance to all patient areas, usually in the corridors. Also by all nurses stations, in all wards. In extreme cases and very sensitive areas (neonatal, etc.), a Noise Sign by every bed. One or more Logging Signs can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of the noise control program.

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